Kawan Baik Indonesia Volunteers

Work with us and be part of Change! Find fun work with us at Fair Future Foundation. The Foundation accepts trainees, students, nursing students or medical students as part of their internship. If you are creative, astute, open to the world, with strong social skills, not afraid to commit personally; You want to discover new horizons and new cultures and you have time to give for a big and fair purpose, then come time with us to change the world! (or at least, we can try).

Volunteering is making a bit of a “self-gift” as well as a personal commitment. The Fair Future Foundation and Action for Fair Future are happy to let you know that they are looking for some volunteers, students, helpers and workers. The Foundation wants to welcome everyone who has the first motivation to serve the beneficiaries, people who can put their personal needs aside during their period of life.

Thank you so much for all of you for your kindness and support.

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