Christmas Show 2020 & Kids Art Exhibition by Little Tree with Kawan Baik

January 7, 2021

Little Tree Kids Club and Tutors Bali has just held an event to close in 2020 with 26 students, parents and teachers named “Christmas Show 2020 & Kids Art Exhibition and Charity with Kawan Baik”. The students were very enthusiastic to join the stage and show off their artwork while studying at Little Tree in Pandemic atmosphere throughout 2020.

It does not create obstacles for children, parents and teams from Little Tree to conduct their teaching and learning activities. Even in this difficult time Mrs. Risma, Founder of Little Tree wants to invite children and parents to share with children who do not get the opportunity to run school or do not get Christmas presents at the end of the year.

During the event, Kawan Baik was invited to tell about the foundation’s activities in East Sumba. During the event, parents can buy children’s karja. A fund of Rp3,150,000 was collected from the sale of children’s artwork to share gifts with 50 children in East Sumba. We will bring them gifts, share the joys of Christmas with the gifts they hug the most.

Stay away from the update, Christmas celebrations with children in East Sumba 🙂


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