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Kawan Baik

Kawan Baik Berbagi

Support Vital Items
For people impacted by the economic crisis!

Sumba Photo Stories

Provide training and mentoring through photography to be able to tell about anything.

Build Mbinu Dita

Help 50 children from ages 8 to 10 years old to return to school as soon as possible!

Box P3K

Act to complement the villages in Sumba with health facilities box P3K!

Kawan Baik Indonesia

Kawan Baik Indonesia present to offer, help bring the opportunity to the occurrence of quality improvement, access availability, facilities, tools and infrastructure, building resource capacity to a healthy life, equality of degrees with good educational quality.

About Kawan Baik

With diverse backgrounds and different areas of expertise, the founders of Kawan Baik Indonesia have agreed to join in helping people, who do not have access to education and health services, because of their broad geographical conditions and quite challenging access in their places of life. Thank you so much for all of you for your kindness and support.

Program Kawan Baik

The goal of our program focuses on improving health and education quality, quick response to disaster relief, and is open to development in the field of social arts and culture whose purpose is not far from the target focus of the program.

Smart Friends

The disadvantaged areas in Indonesia have many educational problems, mainly concerning the access of uneven education, partly because of inadequate infrastructure and human resources. Read more!

Healthy Friends

We will explore the diversity of food to find all kinds of foods that can grow well in certain areas, in order to provide enough nutrients for the community. Read more!

Truck of Life

To accommodate the activities of KBI in the field, especially in a remote and difficult to access area, we will build a KBI truck, which consists of a healthy Kawan truck, a Kawan Pintar truck and a good Warung Kawan Read more!

Kawan Baik Donation

We open up opportunities for personal participation or collaboration between institutions for project ideas that we can accomplish together. We can support each other, grow, develop and strengthen our projects together to maximize existing potential, to achieve more effective and efficient assistance.

Kawan Baik Event

The event held and realised by the foundation was 100 participative.
All needs are determined by the beneficiaries themselves.

Sumba Photo Stories

Kawan Baik are present to contribute to the development in the disadvantaged areas, we map the most priority needs of the area where our program is executed.

Kawan Baik Berbagi

We & friends from Kawan Baik Indonesia provide healthy food, vitamins, masks and hand sanitizers for the community in Bali and Sumba from March 2020.

Kawan Baik Newsletter

Kawan Baik Partner

For the Indonesian Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia, all our partners are very important in achieving our goals and vision; Where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life

Kawan Baik Blog

The latest Info in each of our activities are already running.

Kawan Baik Shop

Toko Kawan Baik supports two foundations named Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Indonesia in their social projects, as well as partners and craftsmen from all over Indonesia. All profits are allocated to our social projects and causes in Bali and Sumba NTT.

Kawan Baik Instagram

Updates from our Instagram in every activity that’s already running.

Tim lapangan #BangunMbinudita berkordinasi menyatukan pikiran. 

Mengawali perencanaan penitikan pondasi pada area bangun, ketepatan perhitungan pada pelaksanaanya adalah hal yang vital, sehingga koordinasi dan komunikasi bersama tim adalah keutamaan.

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